In 1983, a team of highly skilled engineers and clinicians from various disciplines began developing body-monitoring systems. Their goal was to develop systems that were non-invasive, comfortable to use, as accurate as any traditional measuring methods and did not require calibration. This team and their goal formed the nucleus for the company that is today the PolyGreen® Group.
1983ĄG Establishment of PolyGreen® as a manufacturer of digital thermometers. Rapidly becomes one of the most important manufacturers of digital thermometers in the world because of its unique knowledge of body thermometry.
1988ĄG PolyGreen® starts manufacturing a unique range of portable ultrasonic nebulizers.
1990ĄG PolyGreen® obtains FDA 510(k) clearance for sale of products in the USA.
1995ĄG PolyGreen® creates the PolyGreen® Group and builds new modern factories in Dongguan, China.
  PolyGreen® establishes its first distribution subsidiary as a joint venture in the USA.
1996ĄG The PolyGreen® Group manufactures its first generation of digital blood pressure monitors and rapidly becomes a leader in that area.
1997ĄG PolyGreen® receives certification for ISO 9002, EN46002 & MDD 93/42/EEC and CE0197.
1998ĄG Creation of a new infrared thermometry division.
2002ĄG Certification by the Chinese government for domestic sales of thermometers and blood pressure monitors.
2003ĄG Certification by the Chinese government for domestic sales of IR ear thermometers.
  ISO 13485 Certification.
2004ĄG Accreditation by CMDCAS (Canadian Medical Device License).
  Establishment of PolyGreen® Germany GmbH as a sales subsidiary.
2005ĄG Merger of PolyGreen® and E-on (Amplife), which is then integrated in the PolyGreen® Group.
  ISO 9001 Certification.
  Creation by PolyGreen® of the ProDoc product range aimed specifically at the developing Chinese market.
  Establishment of PolyGreen® Europe as a European subsidiary for the PolyGreen® Group International.
2006ĄG Merger of PolyGreen® and Spengler SAS which is then integrated in the PolyGreen® Group as an independent subsidiary. Spengler is the French company that invented the blood pressure monitor in 1907.
2007ĄG Spengler celebrates its centenary.
  Establishment of the new PolyGreen® Corporate Identity and of PolyGreen® Global Marketing Services.
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