May 2006: PolyGreen®/Spengler product wins gold at prestigious Concours Lepine.
[Paris, May 10, 2006] A novel technology has been developed by PolyGreen®, one of the world’s most important manufacturers of non-invasive health products and Spengler, the company that invented the blood pressure monitor in 2007. The SCVL-2007 is a USB-driven blood pressure monitoring system that measures not only blood pressure, but also Systolic Pressure Index (SPI), Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), Pulse Pressure (PP), Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Cardiac Output (amount of blood pumped by the heart per minute) and Stroke Volume (amount of blood pumped by the heart per contraction).  The SCVL-2007 technology makes it possible to take a precise, reliable and quick measurement of all these parameters in less than 3 minutes. This new device also integrates in the various measurements a full patient Risk Analysis based on the Framingham Risk Scores.

The monitoring system includes a measuring device that is placed on the arm as well as another device that is placed on the ankle. The battery-less SCVL-2007 is driven by a computer that displays the real-time pulse wave on the screen of the computer and superimposes consecutive pulse waves over one another to measure SPI or ABI. The device can also be used in monitoring mode over 24 hours for static patients (hospital) and can be linked to alarm systems. It can be programmed to take multiple measurements at chosen intervals and the measurements are then averaged using an algorithm developed by PolyGreen® that eliminates certain irregular readings that are due to artifacts or to "white-coat" hypertension. It can thus be used for the analysis and diagnosis of arrhythmias and other cardiac troubles. The innovations provided by the SCVL-2007 technology match all recommendations made by the medical community and are in line with an international trend that recognizes the importance of SPI and ABI as valuable measurements of arterial health.

A technology developed for medical use

Ankle-Brachial Index and Systolic Pressure Index are an essential component for the screening, diagnosis and management of peripheral arterial disease. The measurements of ABI and SPI provide a simple, rapid and cheap method for the evaluation of the distal perfusion of lower and upper limbs. ABI and SPI are excellent markers of peripheral arterial disease, even prior to the occurrence of functional symptoms. Beyond the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease, ABI and SPI are nowadays known as markers of atherosclerosis and as cardiovascular markers. Today, it is now possible to effectively replace the Doppler Test, which is a time-consuming and difficult measurement procedure, to measure ABI and SPI with the SCVL-2007 from PolyGreen®.

Observing the recommendations of the medical community

The purpose of the SCVL-2007 is to take measurements of all possible parameters of blood pressure under optimum resting conditions of the cardiovascular system. It is recommended that blood pressure measurements and measurements of ABI and SPI be done in a calm environment, after several minutes of rest. 

An award that recognizes the innovative spirit of PolyGreen® and Spengler

At a glittering ceremony held under the patronage of the French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac on the night of the 8th of May 2006, PolyGreen® and Spengler were awarded a gold medal for the SCVL-2007 at the Concours Lepine. The Concours Lepine is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious inventor’s competition. This gold medal symbolizes for PolyGreen® and Spengler recognition of the companies core values, which include products of superlative quality, patient and doctor driven development of devices and the delivery of quality healthcare around the world.  

The SCVL-2007 is a joint international research project between Spengler SAS and PolyGreen®.

A recognized and validated company.

Since it was created in 1983, the PolyGreen® Group, which incorporates Spengler, PolyGreen®, ProDoc® and K-jump, has become a world leader in the development of new technologies relating to hypertension, asthma and thermometry. 

Today, the PolyGreen® vision is a bold, highly differentiated promise that the people of PolyGreen® make to themselves and to their customers in the global medical industry, to continue delivering this passion and quality, and to give users what is regrettably often denied to them, the freedom to take responsibility for their own health. 

The SCVL-2007 is planned for release in December 2006. 

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