March 2007: The PolyGreen® Group launches its new Corporate Identity worldwide

On February 27th, 2007, the PolyGreen Group launched a new corporate identity worldwide at a glittering ceremony in the Berlin office of PolyGreen® Germany GmbH.

The new Corporate Identity is the result of confluent factors for the group, which has recently made several acquisitions, such as Spengler and ProDoc and has integrated them into its worldwide structure.

The PolyGreen® Group was created in 1983 and is now one of the world´s largest diagnostics companies. The 2006 merger between PolyGreen® and Spengler has propelled the relatively unknown PolyGreen® Group into the limelight. Spengler is the French company that invented the blood pressure monitor in 1907 and is a reference brand in the European medical sector. Previously, PolyGreen® was mainly a manufacturer of what are commonly referred to as O.E.M. products, which are products made under customer´s brands and requirements.

The PolyGreen® Group now consists of four main divisions, which are K-jump, which is its OEM manufacturing division, ProDoc, its very popular diagnostics range in China, Spengler, its medical diagnostics division and PolyGreen® branded products, its home-wellness division.

According to all staff of PolyGreen®, the group has become one of the most important forces in healthcare today, with focus on research and development on cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disease and health management. The PolyGreen® Group has research centers in France, New Zealand, China and Taiwan.

At a glittering party attended by healthcare leaders from all over Europe and the rest of the world, the new identity was presented in grand style, complete with a water and oxygen bar and many bottles of champagne.

Today, the PolyGreen® vision is a bold, highly differentiated promise that the people of PolyGreen® make to themselves and to their customers in the global medical industry, to continue delivering this passion and quality, and to give users what is regrettably often denied to them, the freedom to take responsibility for their own health.

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